Bitcoin Self-CustodyIt's not your Bitcoin until you self-custody 🔐Dollar-Cost Averaging

Secure Your Financial Future with Bitcoin Savings & Self Custody.

Embrace Self-Custody and Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), a sustainable path to long term wealth accumulation.

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Our Features

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Instant Purchase

Instantly buy Bitcoin directly into your hardware wallet - effortlessly acquire Bitcoin and safeguard your assets with self-custody.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

Create a Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) plan to automatically buy Bitcoin into your hardware wallet on set dates for a set period of time.

Gift Bitcoin

Generate a secure payment link and share with friends and families to facilitate the purchase of Bitcoin directly into your self-custody hardware wallet.

instant purchase

How it works?

Get Started with Stealth Money in Four (4) simple steps:

We make it easy to get started on your Bitcoin self-custody journey.

Complete Registration

Complete Registration

Create an account and complete the registration process by verifying your identity and then add your 2FA authentication as an added layer of security.

Add Wallet Address

Add Wallet Address

Add your hardware wallet address to the platform. You can order a wallet device which you will receive in a few days and set up or add an old Bitcoin wallet if you have one.

Deposit Funds/Instant Buy

Deposit Funds/Instant Buy

You can receive your Bitcoin instantly in your self-custody wallet with our ‘Instant Buy’ feature. You can also receive Bitcoin as a gift directly to your self-custody wallet.

Create DCA Plan

Create DCA Plan

You can make recurring purchases of Bitcoin which will be sent directly to your self-custody wallet. This can help you save in Bitcoin or accumulate it.

Why Stealth Money?

Bitcoin Self Custody

Bitcoin Self Custody

With Stealth Money, you can hold your Bitcoin in a self-custodial or hardware wallet ensuring that only you have access to your Bitcoin. A hardware wallet is a physical wallet device that secures your Bitcoin.


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Stealth Money is a platform that simplifies buying and saving Bitcoin directly into your self custody, hardware wallets.


We are partnered with one of the best hardware wallets

Trezor created the first hardware wallet in 2012 and has been a market leader ever since.